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Bangles & Cuffs Sets for Women

Palm Beach Jewelry Bangles & Cuffs Sets for Women

The bangles & cuffs sets for women from Palm Beach Jewelry add sparkle and elegance to any ensemble. The womens bangle bracelet sets include multiple wristlets and bangle combinations or opt for a bracelet and earring set. The metallic bangles give you modern fashion options that are eye-catching and chic. Our embellished bangles offer easy-to-wear features like a magnetic closures and the hypoallergenic metal is the perfect choice for sensitive skin. Accent anything with gold, silver, aqua, pink, and other rich tones when you adorn your wrists with the gorgeous bangle bracelet sets. For top quality and unique designs, let the bangle bracelet set collection from Palm Beach Jewelry give you a timeless look for years to come.