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April 07, 2020 in Wedding & Anniversary

CZ Wedding & Engagement Rings

CZ Wedding and Engagement Rings

Cubic Zirconia jewelry is the perfect option for people who love sparkle but don’t want to pay the full price tag of a real diamond. There are countless options here at PBJ for CZ wedding & engagement rings! Whether you are getting married for the first time, renewing your vows, or remarrying; we carry a large amount of CZ rings in different sizes, shapes, stones and colors – sit back, relax & shop!

Although Cubic Zirconia rings & jewelry are not pure gemstones – they emulate and are almost identical to real diamonds and are known to be an inexpensive diamond alternative. They are exclusively lab-created & are very durable pieces of stones made from the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. Cubic Zirconia jewelry makes an amazingly affordable option for a wedding or engagement ring!

We carry lots of cubic zirconia wedding & engagement rings. We have silver, gold, rose gold, even black options! PalmBeach Jewelry also has many stone shape options as well. We offer cubic zirconia Emerald cut, cubic zirconia Princess cut, cubic zirconia Solitaire, cubic zirconia Oval cut, cubic zirconia Marquise cut, cubic zirconia Cushion cut & so much more!

Finally, we have price ranges for cubic zirconia wedding & engagement rings that make it easy for you to shop within your budget! CZ Wedding & Engagement Rings that are Under $50, under $100 and over $100. And in case you didn’t know – we also have Ea$y Pay available for customers on orders over $50! What it means is that we will split up the total of your order into 4 installments that you will be over the course of up to 4 months! Get your dream ring today & pay later!

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