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January 29, 2013 in Necklaces

2013 is the Year of the Snake

Every year comes with a whole new set of trends and styles that many fashionistas cannot wait to get their hands on. Snake-inspired jewelry has been popular as of late, as it gives people a chance to rock their favorite slithering piece of jewelry, which can be complete with anything from bright-colored gemstones to simple bronze or rose gold. 

2013 the Year of the Snake 
When it comes to Chinese mythology, the snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 different animals. It is considered the most enigmatic, intuitive, introspective and refined animal of them all. The snake has a sneaky energy that helps people achieve their goals one step at a time. There are a number of ways to celebrate the year of the snake, but what better way than recognizing the animal through your costume jewelry? 2013 is not just the year of the snake in terms of Chinese mythology, but also for fashion trends. 

Make a statement 
Statement jewelry in forms of bracelets and necklaces are still on trend as of late. An outfit simply isn't complete without some chandelier earrings or a daringly bold necklace. Now, with the snake jewelry trend, ladies can rock one of these pieces to complete their look - whether it be a massive bangle with the snake wrapped around it or a bold cocktail ring. Making a statement has never been easier than wearing an item inspired by a reptile. 

Dramatic and bold 
Snake jewelry is one of the boldest choices a lady can make in terms of accessories, and it certainly adds that extra something to any ensemble. Whether heading to work or going to a club, a snake-inspired necklace or bracelet can give that added punch of personality that jewelry is famous for. In addition, gals may want to opt for a snake piece of jewelry that has emeralds in it, to combine two trends. According to the Pantone Color Institute, emerald is the color of the year, and pairing these two ideas together to create quite the statement piece. 

Some of the biggest designers are incorporating the snake into their collections as well. According to The New York Times, Boucheron has been promoting snake jewelry for quite some time, and even started an entire high-end collection - "Serpente Boheme." 

Mixing metals 
Gone are the days when wearing only silver or gold was a must. In fact, mixing metals has become one of the most common trends as of late. Layering is another popular way to wear jewels and by combining both of these trends with snake jewelry, ladies can show off how fashion-forward they really are. Stack on those bangles with a silver cuff, gold bracelet and possibly a rose gold snake bangle to get the desired effect. 

Jewelry is where gals can embrace their wild side 
Many ladies may be hesitant when it comes to rocking over the top trends, but sporting bold jewelry styles can be the perfect way to show that they are up with the trends even though they do not go overboard with their clothing. So, next time gals are looking for something new to wear on a night out on the town,  some slithering snake-inspired jewelry may be the best bet. 

The best part about this amazing jewelry trend is that ladies do not have to break the bank to get similar looks. In fact, fashionistas can purchase costume jewelry such as the Round Champagne-Colored And Black Crystal Goldtone Metal Snake Bangle Bracelet for much less. 

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