Accessorize like a celebrity for holiday events

Nov 27, 2013

With a team of stylists and designers vying for big names to sport their apparel, it's no wonder that celebrities often cause a scene when they step into the spotlight. During the holiday season, channel that same wow factor to amp up any outfit. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you ready for any star-worthy affair:

More is more
We see celebrities wearing crystal and stud earrings like the Marquise-Cut Aurora Borealis Crystal White Crystal Accent 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Loop Ring to mirror Belle's finishing touches.

Accentuating basics 
Jessica Biel took advantage of the blank canvas provided by a plain white dress and chose to accent the neckline with a fierce necklace. The multiple-chain number made a bold statement and added edge to an otherwise straightforward outfit. Look for a similar style like the necklace from the 4-Carat Round Cubic Zirconia 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Solitaire Ring.

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