Affordable styles to wear this summer

Mar 05, 2012

Every fashionista wants the chance to look their best, and as summer is quickly approaching, many are starting to fill up their wardrobe with some fantastic affordable trends, according to Glamour Magazine.

Color-blocking t-shirts and tie-dyed tunics may be collecting in your closet along with striped sleeveless dresses and different colored denim shorts. However, you can not forget to accessorize this summer for an overall adorable look.

Not only can people save on some of these styles, but they can also opt for affordable jewelry to complete the look - as many know an ensemble can only be as good as the accessories. Neon, bright colors are all the rage, so opt for a neon chunky chain necklace for an eye-catching look, according to the news source.

The bangle bracelets are still in this year, and a brightly-colored beaded bracelet adds that little something that many outfits need. Other more fashion-forward trends like zig-zag bangles will surely wow your friends. Don't forget that tribal necklace - this style is here to stay for the summer. 

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