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January 17, 2012 in Earrings

Anklets making a comeback?

Many can remember the 90s when glittery anklets and toe rings bedazzled women's feet as they enjoyed the beach and summer weather. Now, it seems as though anklets are making their way back into mainstream fashion, as stars strut the red carpet with simple silver and gold bands.

90210 star Shenae Grimes was seen in a black and white dress with fun red pumps. She matched this look with a big silver and gray bracelet, and a black-beaded anklet. Rashida Jones joined in on the trend, wearing a white dress with black detailing, a black blazer and the only piece of jewelry she had on was a silver anklet.

Zoe Salada was also spotted with a simple silver anklet on. It rested right above black pumps and was the perfect accent to her loud red, black and white mini.

Other emerging trends have been statement earrings that make a look complete, and the big, bold necklaces are being replaced with something a bit more simple to compliment the dazzlings earrings. These earrings have also been seen on stars, especially during award season.  

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