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June 27, 2013 in Earrings

Be bold, be dramatic, with chandelier earrings

Whether you're looking to make a statement or you're just interested in garnering plenty of attention, the best way to do so is by wearing chandelier earrings. Not only are such earrings dramatic by nature, but depending on the setting, stones and colors used, they can take any look from boring to amazing in seconds. If you've been wondering how to rock this earring style properly, you're not alone. Here are some tips for taking your love of chandelier statements to the next level:

Placement is key
Before you can get into the fun of selecting gorgeous chandelier earrings like the 21.08 TCW Pear-Cut Midnight Sapphire And Cubic Zirconia Earrings In 18k Gold Over Sterling Silver, you need to get educated on a few rules of this bling. Perhaps the most important thing to remember when trying on fabulous and luxurious earrings of this style is too long is not cute. That's right, no matter how dramatic, colorful or fabulous a pair of earrings may look, if they hang longer than your neck, they're a no-go.

Not only will these look plain silly, but having the gems hang so low will draw attention away from your face, which is of course, your best asset! According to Country Dutchess, the ideal length for chandelier earrings are beautiful pieces that are between 2.5 and 2.75 inches long. This will keep the length slightly below or above your jaw line, a perfect area.

Updo is best
While of course you can rock chandelier earrings with your hair down, it's far more fashionable to wear the intricate dazzlers with an updo so you can show them off. Since updos are mainly reserved for fancier fetes, such as a cocktail party or a wedding, the style of chandelier earrings you select for the night should match the affair. 

A pair like the Diamond Accent Chandelier Pierced Earrings In 18k Gold Over Sterling Silver is sure to garner plenty of attention thanks to the gorgeous crystals and intricate pattern. According to Who What Wear, countless A-list stars have added chandelier earrings to their black-tie ensembles. Starlets like Jennifer Lawrence and Emmy Rossum have both taken their red-carpet look to the next level with stunning diamond and gemstone earrings, and you can too.

On the same note, with the warm weather here, you can opt to throw your locks up in a messy bun and add major style points to your simple sundress with gemstone earrings like the Chrome Diopside Drop Pierced Earrings In Sterling Silver, especially since emerald is the color of the year.

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