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June 04, 2013 in Bracelets

Blake Lively is the queen of bling at Chime for Change

If there was only one lady who showed the power of accessories this weekend, it was undoubtedly Blake Lively at the Chime for Change event. The beautiful blonde actress stood arm in arm with her husband, Ryan Reynolds, wearing an reporters her passion for charitable organizations like Chime for Change, and the women in her life who have steered her in a positive direction.

"My mother and my sisters are my best friends and definitely my role models," Lively told Independent Television News. "My mom is somebody who came from little to nothing, and here I am today, standing on a stage that Beyonce's going to be on later, [and] Madonna's going to come on after me. It's very surreal, and it was her fight, her desire for change that gave her family such a beautiful life."

Lively shows that with simple attire, you can go crazy with jewelry accessories and still look perfectly put together. Try your own version of her summer look and stack on bright bangles like the Birthstone Silvertone Metal Stackable Eternity Bangle Bracelet, and find an equally flashy cocktail ring. The Crystal Black Ruthenium-Plated, Goldtone, And Silvertone Set Of 5 Multi-Color Stretch Dome Rings are fun to mix and match and super sparkly!

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