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March 07, 2013 in Earrings

Blake Lively looks stunning at recent eventĀ 

Blake Lively donned a few of the latest trends when she was spotted in New York City as a part of her Gucci press tour across the globe. According to People magazine, the stunning starlet rocked a gold and black checked dress, which she paired with a belt cinched at her waist, emerald studded earrings and black pumps. 

Lively recently talked about her fashion choices, which rarely disappoint no matter where she is going. One thing Lively thinks is important when it comes to fashion is confidence, FashionTV reports. 

"I think a woman feeling confident is the most sexy and beautiful thing you can find," Lively told the publication. "But for different women, different things can make them feel confident. You have to find that one thing that really gives you empowerment."

The starlet also shared what influences her style - and it is everything from what she has been watching lately to where she is living. For instance, if she is in Manhattan for the weekend and then traveling to the South later that week, she will wear completely different styles. 

"My style is ever-changing so it's very hard to describe," Lively told the news source. "It changes with whatever movies I've recently watched. When I discovered 'Breathless' the Jean-Luc Godard movie, I became obsessed with Jean Seberg and began wearing skinny Capri pants, flats, striped T-shirts, and wanted to cut my hair off - which is a terrible idea! I would not look good with short hair!

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