Blumarine fashion show sports big colorful hoop earrings

Feb 28, 2012

Many fashionistas keep their eye out for the latest trends so they can best emulate their favorite stars. Those who tuned in for the Blumarine fall 2012 fashion show enjoyed a whole lot of color and eye-popping accessories, according to Glamour Magazine.

The show was complete with hologram tops with high heel graphics, graffiti-style pants. Metallics showed through with purples, blues and yellows reflecting off of them.

One of the biggest standouts at the show was the ever-so-huge colored hoops. The fantastic earrings had a wide range, from pairs the size of a wrist to some the size of a person's head. The models worked the hoops with the equally bright clothing.

Massive hoop earrings in all sorts of hues may not translate well to everyday life. However, people can take advantage of affordable jewelry that have the same design - but just a little toned down. It is safe to say fashionistas would love to get their hands on the same jewels as their favorite A-list celebrity, and they can do so without breaking the bank - just shop for similar but more affordable looks. 

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