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September 19, 2012 in Necklaces

Bridal jewelry trends for 2012

Many brides-to-be may think the only wedding jewelry they need to purchase is their wedding ring, they already have the engagement ring, what more do they need? Well, selecting beautiful jewelry isn't over, as the bride gets to choose what perfect accessories to wear on her big day. Here are some of the latest trends for brides who are planning a wedding.

Incorporate some color into the mix

Ladies can enjoy pops of color in their accessories, that will work perfectly to accentuate the cream, ivory and white hue of the wedding gown. The hot color of the year is coral, and brides can incorporate this into their earrings, necklaces and hair jewelry. Those who do not feel comfortable with sporting a flashy color with their wedding dress can go for lighter hues, which will still add that pop of color to complete the look. Or, brides can incorporate the color onto their shoes - who says ladies can't have hot pink heels?

The best part about adding color to a wedding look, is the bride doesn't have to break the bank to do so. Purchasing affordable jewelry such as Simulated Pink Coral and Pearl Necklace and Earring Set can be the perfect addition to a wedding that is a little less formal.

Bigger is better when it comes to jewels

Statement earrings or necklaces are key when it comes to finding the best jewels. The bigger, the better holds true even for weddings, as chandelier earrings complete a look with a delicate necklace - or vice versa. It is important to not have a massive necklace and then huge earrings to match, as this will take away from the dress.

Not to mention, there are also cocktail rings - finding these faux-baubles is a great way to draw attention to your hands, but save them for your right hand, as the left will be getting some extra bling as is!

Of course - the classic pearls

Pearls have been a mainstay when it comes to wedding jewelry. They have been in style for generations on top of generations, and there is no shame in just going with them for the wedding day. However, those who want to stay away from old style can invest in gray or blush pearls, which will give a little edge to the iconic look.

Brides who really want a contrast to their white gown can opt for black pearls, which will certainly draw attention to the bride.

Layers of glitz and glamour

Jewels inspired by Old Hollywood have been quite popular as of late. Standout and dazzling gems such as bold flower-designed creations truly complete the bridal look - and can make any bride feel like a star. Many of these bold jewels include layers and layers of diamond-accented necklaces or big, bold rings. This is perfect for the brides who are looking for a vintage feel to their wedding, especially if their wedding dress is vintage-inspired.

Jewels not limited to earrings and necklaces

Many brides are also incorporating jewels into their bouquets and even their wedding cakes. Adding diamond-accented chains into a bouquet - or even having a bouquet complete with just jeweled flowers has been seen at quite a lot of weddings, so do not shy away from the glitz and glamour of jewels.

Plus, hair combs with dazzling gems are also featured on a number of brides' hair when they walk down the aisle. So, those who are looking for a little more pizazz may find it with hair jewelry. 

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