Cameron Diaz dazzles the red carpet

Nov 09, 2012

Cameron Diaz looked nothing short of stunning when she arrived on the red carpet for the premiere of Gambit in London. According to People Magazine, the stunning blonde donned a black and cream Stella McCartney dress with strappy black sandals and a few bracelets.

Diaz, who is known for her amazing figure, is writing a book about how to stay fit and feel healthy through exercise and a nutritious diet, according to Us Weekly. She is hoping this will give individuals the boost they need to live a healthier lifestyle.

"It's not about what I eat or do what I do. It's really about the information, so that young girls and women can look at it and make their own choices," Diaz told the news source. "I'd hate to give them guidelines of what I do... I'm excited about my discipline [which revolves around] a protein, a grain, and a green... I want to be disciplined. It's not a limitation to me; it opens up my life to so many opportunities."

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