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January 20, 2012 in Bracelets

Carey Mulligan wows at London Critics Circle awards

Carey Mulligan lit up the red carpet at the London Critics Circle awards in London on Thursday night. She donned a striking, calf-length red dress with white tulip print and jazzed it up with bright blue pumps. She matched the look with subtle fashion jewelry - only diamond studs.

However, Mulligan's look was one we have seen before. The actress donned the same dress in Los Angeles earlier this month. Apparently even starlets have a tough time picking out something to wear!

According to the Daily Mail, the actress spoke a little bit about how it was to work with Michael Fassbender in the critically-acclaimed "Shame." However, they weren't as close as some would expect.

"Michael and I decided to not become friends quite intentionally, because our characters were quite madly vicious towards each other," she said. "So we didn't spend any time together. I know him now a little bit, but not through the film-making. We just didn't socialize outside and when we were at work we were very serious."

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