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June 13, 2012 in Bracelets

Chloe Moretz earns "Face of the Future" honor

Chloe Moretz recently received the "Face of the Future" honor by Max Mara, and she looked adorable doing so. The blonde starlet donned a teal Max Mara dress, which she paired with a metallic cuff and nude heels, according to People Magazine.

Moretz recently talked with Vanity Fair about her upcoming film, the remake of Carrie, who she is playing the titular role. Even though the 15-year-old actress has been in a slew of different roles including the star in Kiss-Ass and the younger sister in (500) Days of Summer, she still has to adapt dramatically to this new role.

"I am changing everything about me - my hair, my look," Moretz told the news source. "I'm doing my own take on [the character]. The script is totally different from the [original]. It's more like the book. It's a more Black Swan version - it messes with your mind. You'll see things, and you don’t know if you've seen them."

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