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March 26, 2013 in Earrings

Copy the Simpson girls' chic earrings style

Sometimes, bigger really is better, especially when it comes to jewelry. The Simpson sisters, Ashlee and Jessica, showed off flashy stones with their ensembles at the latest promotional event for Jessica's fashion line. Ashlee paired her short, printed shift and leather jacket with emerald statement earrings, while sister Jessica wore a maroon frock to conceal her baby bump along with matching red drop earrings and a black blazer.

Ashlee's dress is a piece from her sister's Girl's Collection, and is a perfect example of how the line can translate well for day or night events. The younger sister wore hers with edgy black buckle booties, but as the weather gets warmer, this shift dress could certainly be worn with strappy sandals on a sunny summer day. The girls wore their fashionable looks to the mall event in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"Jessica is in an amazing mood," an insider told Us Weekly. "Eric is very attentive, making sure that she feels fine ... Ashlee is having fun, too. Ashlee is being great with the fans. They both are."

Whether you want to show off big, statement earrings like Ashlee, who pulled her platinum blonde hair in a chic topknot, or with a more subtle flair like Jessica, who kept her wavy golden locks down and framing her face, the jewelry piece can certainly make any look go from plain to glam in no time. 

If you're not sure how to emulate the Simpsons' jewelry style, try an eye-catching pair like the Filigree Leaf Drop Pierced Earrings In 14k Gold-Plated, which can be tasteful yet elegant with a variety of different outfits. Pulling some of your hair back can draw more attention up to your face, bringing eyes directly to your prized earrings.

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