Culture shock: Global jewelry trend

Sep 06, 2013

For centuries, women in cultures across the globe have been donning metallic accessories to beautify themselves. Though trends are continually evolving, there are certain mainstays that remain important symbols, and additionally, fashionable statements.

Jewelry is a great way to demonstrate your appreciation for a different culture and add flair to an otherwise bland ensemble. Further, global pieces are actually making a serious comeback. If you're overwhelmed by the concept of embracing these kinds of baubles, consider the following ideas.

The evil eye
Refinery 29 reported that the evil eye has become a "must-have motif" for a multitude of accessories. The origin of the symbol is rooted in a superstition from ancient Greece and Rome, which indicated that a malicious stare is strong enough to cause harm to its subject. Those who believe this lore maintain that wearing a piece of jewelry with the evil eye can safeguard you from any ill intentions. The concept has come a long way from simple beads. Even runway models have been seen sporting extravagant, sometimes sparkly pieces with the iconic symbol.

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