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February 01, 2013 in Earrings

Diane Kruger wows at recent premiere

At the premiere of Diane Kruger's latest film, "Der Naschste, Bitte!" ("Un Plan Parfait"), in Berlin, she looked nothing short of fantastic. The blonde starlet donned white and black printed pants with a black vest, studded earrings and a watch with a white band. Her hair was left in loose waves and she looked both elegant and chic. 

One thing's for sure, Kruger's style is her own, and she admits that it hasn't changed much over the years, Glamour reports. 

"I always like the same things. I feel like I don't really evolve that much," Kruger told the publication. "I tend to like pure lines; I feel like I'm a young woman, so I like to look sexy for when I go out. Show some skin until it's over."

Kruger also shares that she loves A-line dresses, even though they do not always translate well on the red carpet. She explains that she's prepared for praise and criticism fashion critics every time she steps out, the media outlet reports. 

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