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December 27, 2011 in Personalized

Duchess of Cambridge's jewels leave many envious

On her way to church on Christmas morning, Kate Middleton once again turned heads. Her beautiful ensemble wowed, but that was mostly due to her gorgeous earrings that stood out underneath her Jane Corbett-designer hat.

The earrings were designed by Kiki McDonough, who also designed jewelry for Prince William's mother Diana, Princess of Wales. The stones were green amethysts that were surrounded by diamonds, placed on a diamond hoop to complete the earrings. It was no wonder that these caught a lot of attention, as they are believed to be retailed at a little more than $3,000, according to People Magazine.

The beautiful sparklers were also rumored to be a Christmas present from her husband Prince William, however it was not confirmed, the publication reports.

These earrings are not the only piece of fashion jewelry made by McDonough that Middleton owns. She has also been spotted donning two other pairs of earrings, one of which are 18-carat gold hoops and the other is a pair of white topaz studs surrounded with diamonds. 

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