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January 25, 2012 in Earrings

Elizabeth Banks glistens in gold

Actress Elizabeth Banks attended the premiere of her latest film Man On A Ledge with co-star Sam Worthington at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre this past Monday. Banks completely sparkled as she walked the red carpet. She donned a gold Emilio Pucci dress that was full of sequined and beaded embellishments.

Since the sequined gown was bejeweled enough, she went with subtle fashion jewelry. Amber-colored studded earrings latched onto her ears and a matching, large ring settled on her index finger.

The 37-year-old actress plays a cop who is trying to talk Worthington off a ledge, and she had some reservations while filming, as she was 25 stories up in Manhattan.

"I'm not very afraid of heights but I'm totally afraid of human error, I'm afraid of stupidity," Banks said. "So in this situation, I would say there was about a 2 percent chance of death the entire time we were filming... You run through those scenarios in your mind -- 'Okay, what are the three little things that can go wrong that I then end up splat on the sidewalk?'"

Banks pulled through and those interested can check out the movie when it hits theaters on January 27. 

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