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February 28, 2013 in Wedding & Anniversary

Emeralds growing in popularity with engagement ringsĀ 

With each season, certain jewelry trends come and go, and the same goes for engagement rings. According to The Huffington Post, ever since the Pantone Color Institute issued emerald as the color of the year, it has been popping up more and more. Now, the stone is making its way to engagement rings

Whether the emerald is the center stone or it is flanking a diamond, it is becoming increasingly popular. Some stars, including Halle Berry, even have the stone as their engagement ring. Her hubby-to-be Olivier Martinez gave the stunning starlet a four-carat emerald bauble with two diamonds flanking it, set in yellow gold. This look not only gives a little pop of color, but it also shies away from a tradition, which has become a trend all on its own in the wedding industry, the media outlet reports. 

According to Glamour magazine, there are a couple of other engagement ring trends that have been growing in popularity as of late. For instance, the halo effect is getting a new look with a cushion-shaped halo and then a round diamond in the middle. Not only does this look give the ring extra pizzazz, but it offers a unique take on this trend. Another popular style is vintage-inspired additions or bands. Although the diamond may be brand new, the band it is set in may be from a different time. 

Those who love the idea of incorporating this emerald hue into their rings do not have to break the bank. In fact, ladies can purchase costume jewelry such as the 2.33 TCW Lab Created Oval-Cut Emerald With Round Cubic Zirconia Accents In 18k Gold Over Sterling Silver for much less. 

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