Emily Blunt dazzles in tangerine frock

Nov 01, 2012

Emily Blunt stunned the red carpet at the Harper's Bazaar Woman of the Year Awards last night. According to Entertainmentwise, Blunt donned a bright orange frock with a dazzling neckline. The stunning actress kept her jewelry simple, as the neckline of her gown glistened and looked like it was a necklace. All that was flashing was her beautiful engagement ring, which she got from hubby John Krasinski.

According to Daily Mail, the actress also dished about her latest movie Looper, and how she had to train for the wood-chopping scene, and she did so quite a bit.

"I had logs delivered to my backyard in Los Angeles, and just learned how to chop wood," Blunt told the news source. "I chopped wood most days until I looked like I could chop wood convincingly, seeing as this is something the character probably does every day. I didn’t want to chop wood like a sissy, you know?"

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