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May 28, 2013 in Necklaces

Emma Roberts effortlessly pairs a statement necklace with mixed prints

Maybe it's because we saw so much of Emma Roberts at Coachella this year, but she's been on our style radar for her effortless way of mixing prints, textures and accessories to create one polished look. The young starlet always looks fresh, even if she's just strolling down a street in West Hollywood, which is where she recently flaunted a carefree, black and white ensemble with all kinds of different prints and patterns. She shows style mavens that with a simple palette, you can work a statement necklace, checkered shirt, printed tee and studded sandals all into one chic outfit.

While all of her choices can be awesome additions to any wardrobe, her statement necklace was perhaps the most eye-catching piece to the whole ensemble. The geometric, jagged shapes hung off a gold chain, and added even more dimension to the squares on her Topshop flannel, palm tree T-shirt and gold-studded bow sandals.

Roberts recently shared with Seventeen magazine that you don't have to wear Dior, Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana to look glamorous - if you like a piece, then wear it, no matter who the designer is.

"I think it's cool when you find things that aren't designer and are still really, really fashionable and cute and you can just add to any of your outfits," Roberts told the magazine. "I always love finding like, little pieces here and there that aren't you know, some big designer."

The young style icon, who also happens to be the niece of Julia Roberts, has an inherent style that's all her own, and ultimately, that's what every style maven should strive for. If you want that perfect piece that you can pair with your favorite jeans, a flowy skirt or a cocktail dress, then think like Roberts and go with a statement necklace, such as the bold Multi-Layered Cable Chain Necklace In Tutone.

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