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April 26, 2013 in Women's

Emulate Rihanna's rocker style with rings galore

Think you can get in on Rihanna's ring game? The Barbados-born star is only one of dozens of Hollywood stars who are rocking rings upon rings on every finger, mixing golds, silvers, diamonds and crazy shapes with every ensemble. A few years back, Gwen Stefani kicked off the trend with double- or even triple-finger rings, looking more like she was armed and dangerous than ready for the red carpet. However, the style has persisted, and can add a boost of edgy glam to even the most feminine cocktail dress.

Another star who tends to take risks with her finger accessories is Kate Hudson. She recently visited "The Late Show with David Letterman" wearing multiple diamond rings on her fingers, keeping the rest of her accessories rather subdued. Her look is one example of how you can even try the trend with high-end jewelry - if you're lucky enough to have a bevy of beautiful diamond rings!

Designers from all over the world help Hollywood starlets satisfy their ring desires, such as the native New Zealander Jessica McCormack. A favorite of Madonna, Helena Bonham-Carter and the daring Rihanna, this jewelry designer has a shop in London, at which she schedules appointments with her famous clients, reports The Wall Street Journal. Amethyst rings, jagged shapes that resemble the New York City skyline and pieces inspired by New Zealand body art are only some of the rare finds you'll discover in her (pricey) collection.

You don't have to dish out thousands of dollars to embrace the ring party trend. Start a collection with pieces like the Gold-Plated Hammered-Style Band and the Cabochon-Shaped Genuine Black Onyx 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Pillow Ring, and once you get used to the heavier weight on your hands, you can add even more to your slew of jewels.

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