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March 28, 2013 in Wedding & Anniversary

Engagement rings can reveal your personality type

There are a few things you have to square away before you officially tie the knot. For one, have you decided which engagement ring style best suits you? While you may not have the final say on the matter, your input can mean a lot to the person asking for your hand in marriage. You can ease your loved one's mind by showing him examples of the types of rings that appeal to you the most, according to cut, size and setting.

Not sure which ring your prefer? Don't worry - here are some tips to help you pick the right style ring based on your own personality and taste.

Simple is beautiful, and traditionally styled engagement rings prove that with their timeless, elegant look. Generally, you know if you fall in the traditional category when you tend to stick with safe styles you know you can pull off, and the furthest you've gone in terms of trying a trend is piling up bracelets on your arm when the "arm party" look first caught fire. You learned that your classic tennis bracelet looked just fine by itself and the round-cut diamond is what you dream your engagement ring will feature. This classic, sparkling cut looks flawless virtually any way you style it, and its surplus of facets makes its brilliance shine in any light.

Some traditionalists, however, opt for the princess cut, which is another popular option among brides with classic taste. The four corners give it a slightly modern edge, and it looks beautiful with smaller stones around it or simply standing alone.

The soft edges and brilliance of the cushion-cut diamond make this one a perfect choice for the hopelessly romantic who can't seem to decide between princess or round cuts. If you're yearning for all of these diamonds' beauty rolled into one, the cushion style might be your best bet. The curved shape of the stone fits well with the curve of the band it rests upon, making this choice also an aesthetically pleasing one to the meticulous architect in you.

You don't hear about style trends, you create them. You were flaunting layered, bib necklaces long before the mass crowds and your shoe collection is nothing short of eclectic. For these bold trend-setters, the asscher-cut diamond ring has your name written all over it, making you and Carrie Bradshaw two fashionable peas in a pod. The "Sex and the City" character made this ring famous in season four of the series, but the vintage-inspired style has garnered its own following among the style-conscious crowd. If you want your engagement ring to describe your chic sense of fashion, as well as your love for your significant other, drop a hint about this unique diamond cut to a friend, so she can pass along the message to your loved one.

Before flaunting these bold engagement rings on your finger, you can try out some similar styles at a more affordable price. Not only will you fall in love with these dramatic rings, like the Emerald-Cut Cubic Zirconia Platinum Over Sterling Silver Ring or the 2-Carat Round Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Solitaire Ring With Narrow Band, but your boyfriend will get to see firsthand exactly what type of ring makes your heart flutter most.

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