Fashion blogger talks the importance of statement jewelry

Nov 30, 2012

It is no secret that starlet after starlet looks fantastic on the red carpet. However, these A-list Hollywood stars have the budgets to purchase such fabulous ensembles. According to Us Weekly, fashion blogger Shauna Miller recently revealed what fashionistas can do to get similar looks, and it is all about the bold, statement jewelry.

"You can make any dress stand-out by adding a statement piece," Miller told the news source. "You can reinvent virtually anything you have in your closet by adding a statement necklace, earrings or bracelet. Get a bunch of the same pieces and stack them together if you want! Be creative and have fun with it."

Miller also suggested that individuals go to consignment shops, which feature used clothing, as these place are perfect for finding that designer dress for a fraction of the price.

Those who are interested in some new statement pieces do not have to break the bank to purchase costume jewelry such as the Pear-Shape And Round Multi-Color Crystal Goldtone Metal Antique-Finish Peacock Hinged Bangle Bracelet for much less.

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