Feast your eyes on Thanksgiving fashion

Nov 26, 2013

Let's face it – Thanksgiving is not the holiday for slipping into any form-fitting outfits. When you sit down for some well-deserved dinner with your family and friends, though, you'll still want to wow them with your stellar sense of style. Here are two fashion ideas that will allow you to indulge in all of the holiday treats without compromising your appearance.

Long tops and jackets
Your top doesn't have to be skin-tight to give some shape to your look. Slip on a longer, loose-fitting top, like a colorful button-down shirt dress, and give it some structure with a cute blazer. For an extra bit of glam, make the top metallic or choose a bold hue like orange, paired with a dark brown or navy blazer. Leggings or tights and leather boots will keep your legs cozy and complete the look.

Add polishing touches, like sleek gold bracelets. The 18k Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver Drop-Kiss Earrings are perfect for that autumn feel.

Wrap dresses and tops
Stacey London of "What Not To Wear" swears by wrap dresses for any figure.

"Look for a dress that wraps at the smallest part of your waistline for the most flattering shape," London told Glamour magazine.

For Thanksgiving, go for a rich burgundy red or warm caramel shade. Pair the dress with some chocolate brown pumps and shimmering accents. A bracelet like the Birthstone Stud Earrings In Sterling Silver will bring your whole look together, complementing the matte colors with eye-catching sparkle. 

High-waisted flared skirts
A high-waisted skirt can redefine your figure while lengthening the appearance of your legs. Take inspiration from the 1950s in a warm wool number that flares out at the bottom with a wider ruffle or pleat, or a dress that mimics the shape. If you opt for a skirt, look for a cute sweater or blouse in a lighter shade, like a cream button-down. Slip on some dark tights and faux suede heels, and finish the look with a pretty set of pearls, like the