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April 15, 2013 in Earrings

Go for the plunge with dramatic drop earrings

If there's one thing today's red carpet fashionistas love, it's a plunging neckline. Whether you're generously endowed or flaunt a flatter chest, the look is daring and sexy without being too over the top. Celebrities dig the style, especially because it leaves ample room to accessorize with their favorite pair of dangly earrings or long chain necklace. 

Actress Olga Kurylenko, leading lady of the new film "Oblivion," starring Tom Cruise, recently hit the red carpet for the premiere of the movie in a stunning Burberry gown with a low neckline. The top of the frock was short-sleeved and textured with black lace, while the skirt was a copper-colored silk that fell from her waist to the floor. She kept the rest of her look simple and wore crystal drop earrings that drew onlookers' eyes upward to the gorgeous top of the dress.

Other stars have tried their hand at the low V, where the neckline actually becomes more of a waistline. One fashionable celeb who is known for her ample curves flaunts this look and shows that even a larger-chested woman can pull it off. Heidi Klum has gone low on several occasions, sometimes nailing the style and other times, showing off just a bit more than she may have intended. Regardless, she always manages to find the perfect accessories to go with her plunging neckline, and often opts for dramatic earrings just like Kurylenko. 

If you're scrambling to find an ensemble for your next formal occasion and are looking to take a risk, consider trying the deep V neck cut with eye-catching drop earrings. You can go understated like the "Oblivion" star with the 18k Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver Drop-Kiss Earrings, or if Klum's dare-to-bear look is what you're after, you can find a bold accessory like the Birthstone Chandelier Earrings In Goldtone, in a hue that best complements your dress.

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