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August 22, 2013 in Earrings

Heidi Klum can't get enough glitz

How do you add sparkle to an already glam ensemble? Glittery jewelry, of course! At a recent panel event for "America's Got Talent," Heidi Klum embodied the "go big or go home" spirit when she donned a KaufmanFranco mini dress with a plunging sheer panel and crystal embroidery, and accessorized it with a pair of glittery drop earrings. Black nail lacquer on her fingers and toes add an edge to the whole look.

Does the daring dress look familiar? That's because Taylor Swift sported the same one at the 2013 40 Principales Awards, and big surprise - she chose to complement it with shimmering silver jewelry as well.

The supermodel wasn't always this chic, but she has never been afraid to take some fashion risks. In fact, Us magazine reported that she recently tweeted a photo of her 9-year-old self in which she's rocking a head full of hair dyed half green and half red. She looks unexpectedly alternative in a grunge-rock flannel top and black lipstick. At 40, the Victoria's Secret model has gone for a decidedly different look - and it's definitely working.

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