It's Election Day: Show off support through jewelry

Nov 06, 2012

Election Day is here, and as many are rushing out to the polls to do their civic duty, some are taking extra steps to support their candidate of choice. It seems as though holding signs and making phone calls simply isn't cutting it anymore, as some ladies have been showing off who they are voting for through their jewels.

According to Entertainment Weekly, A-list celebrities are doing the same. Just a few days ago, Beyonce was spotted wearing "Obama" hoops. The singer has been vocal about her support of President Barack Obama, while helping raise $4 million by co-hosting a fundraiser with husband Jay-Z. Now, Beyonce is also supported Obama through her jewelry.

These earrings, which were designed by Erika Pena, were not very popular until Beyonce was spotted wearing them. Since then, the sales  have spiked, the media outlet reports.

Those who want to express themselves through their accessories can opt for personalized jewelry such as 18k Gold Over Sterling Silver Personalized Bamboo Hoop Pierced Earrings for much less. 

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