Jay-Z interested in blue diamonds for wife Beyonce

Apr 06, 2012

Jay-Z and Beyonce recently had their four year anniversary, and Jay-Z was spotted walking out of Jacob & Co. jewelry store in New York City, and it appears that he was looking at some blue diamonds to get his wife as a gift, according to the New York Daily News.

He was spotted talking to Jacob Arabo, the longtime associate of the jewelry store. Apparently, Jay-Z was looking at the rare Lumina blue diamonds. The color is a favorite among the musical couple. Not only did Jay-Z name a few albums after it, but they named their first child Blue Ivy Carter.

According to People Magazine, the usually very private couple has recently  come out of their shell a bit. Beyonce recently issued her first tweet inviting fans to her new website. She received more than 3,500,000 followers in less than an hour of her first tweet on Twitter.

Even though many cannot afford the same blue diamonds that Jay-Z was thinking about purchasing for his wife, people can get similar looks for much less by opting for fashion jewelry such as the Blue Topaz Filigree Sterling Silver Ring. 

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