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April 04, 2013 in Bracelets

Jemima Kirke pushes fashion boundaries at the 'Trance' premiere

If there's one person who dares to set her own fashion trends, it's Jemima Kirke, a costar on the hit HBO series, "Girls." Both on and off the screen, Kirke mixes bold prints, textures and accessories to create a look that only she can magically pull off. Not only did she recently don a velvet, floral kimono topper over her curve-hugging maroon dress at the "Trance" film premiere in New York City, but she also piled on the accessories, from bright orange heels to a chunky turquoise bracelet and colorful stone rings.

The 27-year-old mother of two is not quite the girl you see on the TV screen, although her free spirit and inner wild child are fairly true to life. Instead, her style reflects her laid-back charisma, and her confidence - two traits that makes looking good simple for her. 

Offscreen, Kirke is an artist - a passion she considers her first and foremost calling in life. While she is happy with the success that good friend Lena Dunham's TV show has garnered, she's not always eager to film the more controversial scenes in the risqué series.

"Sometimes it's a little ... [Groans.] I cringe," Kirke told The Huffington Post. "Because I'm like, I really don't want to have to put that on camera."

Her hesitation about being filmed is quite surprising, considering her fearlessness in front of the paparazzi. At the "Trance" premiere, she was one of the most daringly dressed, and her bold jewelry choices definitely added some oomph to the ensemble. 

If you're trying to channel your inner "Jessa," try mixing bold jewelry pieces by combining different natural stones into one look. You can start by donning the Oval-Shape Simulated Turquoise 18k Yellow Gold-Plated Filigree Ring with the Marquise-Shaped Coral Cuff Bracelet In Antiqued Copper - two vibrant natural styles that complement each other.

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