Jennifer Lopez wearing $2.1 million in jewels on American Idol

Apr 06, 2012

As fans tuned in for Wednesday night's episode of American Idol, they may have noticed some beautiful jewels on judge Jennifer Lopez, but they may not have realized the price tag of the items. Lopez donned a yellow-diamond ring by Cora jewelers that cost  $2.1 million, according to People Magazine.

The 50.40-carat sparkler was set in a gold and ebony wood, with the gem coming from Africa. This stone is quite rare, and a number of viewers noticed its beauty along with the star who was wearing it.

"Having someone like Jennifer Lopez wear our ring, for me, is the ultimate. She represents a strong woman with a great sense of work ethic and intelligence," Cora CEO Suzette Gomes told the news source. "She is the American dream."

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