Jewelry packing tips for a gorgeous getaway

Aug 14, 2013

As summer winds down, you're likely itching to squeeze in one last vacation. But what are you supposed to pack when the weather lingers somewhere between summer and fall? Believe it or not, packing the right accessories can make for a much better trip, because jewelry has the potential to make garments far more versatile. That means you can pack less clothing while still giving yourself options. Still, you need to take great care to protect your favorite baubles while traveling. With these tips, you can pack a smarter suitcase to ensure you're stylish from the moment you leave to your trip back.

Make a statement
The great thing about a statement necklace is that it can completely transform an outfit, meaning you can go from a tour to dinner without changing. Toss the adjustable Textured Circle Necklace And Earring Set In Tutone is another striking option. The hammered link necklace can be worn separately, and the gold earrings can also be easily mixed and matched with other pieces for a variety of looks. If you plan to explore the nightlife at your final destination, the Vernier Round Bracelet Watch In 14k Rose Gold-Plated is perfect for any trip, whether to a Caribbean resort or an Italian villa. Wrap it around your wrist to dress up white denim or pair it with some delicate rose gold earrings for a classy look at the cocktail hour. If you're looking for more bling, the 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Hammered-Style Cuff Watch 7 3/4" doubles as a bold cuff bracelet, and has high impact on its own or with some gold bangles on your other wrist.

Stay organized
It's important to keep your jewelry in order while you're away to ensure nothing gets stolen, misplaced or damaged. Jerry Ehrenwald, president and CEO of The International Gemological Institute (IGI) told StyleCaster that certain pieces can get tangled or scratch one another. Therefore, he advised packing jewelry in a pouch, such as the

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