Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel engaged?

Jan 05, 2012

The rumor mill has certainly been in full swing, as speculation continues to rise that singer/actor Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel are engaged. The newest addition came from Us Weekly, a publication that claims to have confirmed that Timberlake got down on one knee.

The two have been dating for approximately four and a half years, and it has not been the smoothest of relationships, as they have broken up and rekindled a couple of times. But it looks like it was a happy ending after all, as they reportedly got engaged sometime last week.

The source told Us Weekly that "when they reunited, they had a conversation about taking the next step." Another source close to the singer said he's "never been happier" and that "he knew it was the right time to propose."

With these new rumors, many fans have started to wonder about what her engagement ring looks like or when the two will get hitched. One thing is for certain though - the rumors will continue to fly until a confirmation is released. 

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