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February 22, 2022 in Women's

Learn More About Tarnish-Free Jewelry

tarnish free jewelry

At PalmBeach Jewelry elegance, affordability, & sustainability have always been the pillars we’ve built our organization upon. Although we offer a HUGE assortment of products from menswear, to bridal jewelry, to premier gifts. The cornerstone of PalmBeach Jewelry has always been the pride we take in offering pieces for the everyday woman, the ones who do dishes, exercise, run-around town & just generally live life! Most importantly we cater to women of every skin type. We want you to stay feeling confident & beautiful day after day with our jewelry. For those with sensitive skin & busy schedules we have tons of options at PalmBeach Jewelry & can offer you the tips & tricks to make sure it lasts!

We offer a robust collection of stainless steel pieces which are not only tarnish-free & water-resistant, but hypoallergenic as well. This means no more allergic reactions, green lines & constant rusting. Most importantly these pieces won’t break the bank! Stainless steel is an affordable material that requires low-maintenance whilst staying long-lasting. Also, the colors & finishes we use to plate the stainless steel are hypoallergenic & skin-friendly as well. Expanding upon our massive collection of rings, earrings, bracelets & necklaces. Our latest arrivals have been curated to include stainless steel pieces that are feminine, stylish, & delicate & will have you obsessed for a lifetime! 

With all that said, that is not to say there won’t be some wear & tear! We want to make sure you stay loving your pieces for as long as possible. So we’re offering you some tips & tricks to guarantee it! Stainless steel’s natural coloring is silver, so when it's in its original color it’s tarnish-free & water resistant. You’ll want to avoid rough-housing too much to prevent any scratches or dents and to keep your jewelry looking pristine! Also, when purchasing gold or rose-gold plated pieces keep in mind the stainless steel pieces will revert back to silver over time. To prevent & prolong this fading on our plated pieces you’ll want to avoid water, perfume, & lotions. We suggest removing your jewelry when washing dishes, going to the pool, showering or working out to help maintain the finish. Humidity, natural body oils, & dampness also erode the plating. Therefore we also recommend instilling the habit of last-on & first-off when wearing your plated pieces to keep them stunning for years to come!

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