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January 05, 2012 in Necklaces

Meryl Streep stuns red carpet at 'The Iron Lady' premiere in London

It is no secret that Meryl Streep has had many stunning performances in her wide range of films, but she is also known to dazzle on the red carpet. Streep did just that at the premiere of her latest film "The Iron Lady" in London this past Wednesday.

The actress donned a black gown with a navy blue overcoat. She paired the simple look with beautiful fashion jewelry including a large, gold necklace.

Streep has received a lot of praise for her role as Margaret Thatcher in this film, and there are even talks of her being up for an Oscar this season. 

"I consider all the roles I play a privilege but this one was special because there are such vehement opinions about her," Streep says of her role, according to The Telegraph. "People seemed to look at her as an icon or a monster and I just wanted to locate the human being inside those caricatures that we've seen over so many years. And to investigate myself what it must have been like for her."

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