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August 14, 2012 in Necklaces

Must-have jewelry trends for fall 2012

Even though it is not something many people want to think about, summer is in fact coming to a close. Before a fashionista realizes is, she will be trading in her adorable summer wedges for her fabulous black boots. Right before the fall season hits, many may want to know what is going to be hot this upcoming season.

Bring on the rose gold

Rose gold has been popular as of late, and that is not changing in fall. If anything, this rusty color is bigger than ever. Regardless of how a fashionista wears it - statement necklace, earrings or bracelets - it is sure to stand out.

It is not only this rustic rose gold that is in this season. In fact, flesh tones such as light pink, nude, white, dark beige and cream are all popular for the fall. These neutral tones look amazing with that pop of color in clothes or it can simply go with a matching dress or ensemble. Kate Beckinsale has already been seen rocking this trend at a recent premiere of her latest film, Total Recall. The actress paired a gray halter dress with light brown statement earrings, People Magazine reports.

Vintage - bring it back to the disco days

Vintage jewelry is always in - everyone can appreciate jewel trends that have been around for decades. However, exactly what decade to focus on changes with the seasons. This fall it is all about the 1960s and '70s color pallet. Do not shy away from the polished golds and silvers, or geometric shapes and components - since any fashionista will be seeing a great deal of them. Other trends in this vintage-inspired category include movable parts within the accessories, stud earrings and collar necklaces. Matrixed enamels, tortoise and animal skin-designed jewels will definitely make their way to every fashion-forward lady's wardrobe this upcoming season as well.

Tribal and nature-inspired jewels

Bright colors are not just a thing of the summer and spring, as they are making their way to fall fashions too. What better way to highlight the bright color trend than bringing it into jewelry? One way to do so is to take advantage of both the tribal and nature-inspired jewelry style. Tribal accessories have been around for a few seasons now, and these traditional tribal colors are often mixed with neon beading and various-colored stones. This includes those fabulous rings that take up three-quarters of the person's finger and the leather bangle bracelets. This type of statement jewelry can complement any outfit.

Don't forget the feather and leaf-design jewelry - this is definitely in as well this season. Bronze-colored leaf earrings and dream catcher-style jewels will also be popular this fall - and the bigger, the better.

Trends from the runway

The best way to find out what is in and what is not is to check out the runway. Even though these styles are often a bit over the top, it is easy to identify hot trends of the season and then tone it down. When it comes to the fall fashion runway, silver is the metal of choice.

Even though a great deal of these trends cost a pretty penny, any fashionista can find the same looks without breaking the bank. Purchasing affordable jewelry such as the Tiger's-Eye Pendant-Necklace and Pierced Earring Set for much less can be the perfect solution for any fashion-forward diva.

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