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November 26, 2012 in Bracelets

Nelly Furtado announces new Canadian tour

Nelly Furtado recently looked fantastic when she stepped out for her appearance on The Morning Show in Toronto. According to Monsters and Critics, the brunette beauty donned a green dress with a blue flower print, which she paired with big gold earrings and a matching bangle bracelet.

While on the show, Furtado announced she will be launching a new tour come January, as she promotes her newest album, The Spirit Indestructible. Fans of Furtado will be thrilled with the news, especially since she was thinking about giving up her music career.

"I was seriously considering retiring from my career as a pop musician and pursuing other music-related and creative endeavors," Furtado said on her official website. "Slowly, but surely, I began to record again and eventually found a new freedom within my voice, and an overwhelming sense of excitement about making pop music. That is the excitement you hear on The Spirit Indestructible."

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