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March 28, 2013 in Wedding & Anniversary

Newly engaged Elle Macpherson flaunts huge rock on her finger

It's no surprise that supermodel Elle Macpherson would receive a gigantic rock when she gets engaged. According to Access Hollywood, billionaire Jeff Soffer pulled out all the stops to try to keep Macpherson by his side with an enormous engagement ring that she just recently revealed to the public at a fundraising event in South Kensington.

The couple split in March 2012 after dating on and off for two years, but her beautiful diamond seems to prove that they're playing for keeps this time around. According to the Daily Mail, the pair quietly reunited in November 2012 after Soffer survived a helicopter crash. The crash ended up killing his friend Lance Valdez.

"Jeff is very shaken up and mourning the loss of his friend," a source said at the time of the crash, as quoted by the news outlet. "Elle is landing in Miami imminently to visit him and offer her support at a very tough time."

A limited few can afford the style of ring that the billionaire real-estate developer presented to his now fiance, but that doesn't mean you can't find something beautiful to symbolize your love. There are a number of ways that you can make the size of your center stone look even bigger, either with a halo of diamonds surrounding the solitaire or by choosing the right shape, like a cushion or princess cut. 

Not every modern bride knows exactly what type of ring they imagine receiving, and one way to figure it out is by trying different styles. Affordable rings like the Marquise-Cut Cubic Zirconia 18k Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver Ring allow you to determine how you feel about a unique shape like the marquise diamond without investing in a piece that you can barely afford. 

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