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December 28, 2011 in Personalized

Pair a stylish headband with fashion jewelry

Now that the holiday season is almost complete, many fashionistas are ready to go shopping. Armed with their gift certificates in hand, they are eager to purchase the best fashion jewelry they have seen their favorite celebs donning recently.

The style is to have big earrings or a stand out necklace to truly add to an outfit. However, it isn't just about the jewelry when it comes to accessorizing your favorite look. Headbands are in style, and there are a number of variations stars have worn recently. Some popular bands include those that have a bow, gold ones or those that are extra sparkly to make a hairstyle really stand out. There are also variations that include a double, thin headband that feature unique designs.

By pairing your favorite jewelry with a subtle or stand out headband, you are sure to turn heads. Simply accessorizing a little black dress or jeans and a T-shirt, this combination of jewels and a sequined headband can leave all of your friends envious.

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