Rock bold bling without looking gaudy

Jul 12, 2013

If bold necklaces, earrings or rings make you think of your great aunt or another senior relative, you're not alone. While images like these might make some fashionistas stray from turning heads in funky and unique pieces, learning how to wear such items correctly could help a few ladies see the light. Part of enjoying a big ticket item is figuring out the best ways to accentuate the piece, rather than trying to add more to it. Here are a few tricks for rocking show-stopping bling:

If you recently purchased a statement necklace like the 2 Piece Aqua Bib Necklace And Cluster Earrings Set In Yellow Gold Tone, your instinct might be telling you to find matching aqua shoes, belt and bracelets to compliment and match with the stunning necklace. However, doing all of this leg work will not only diminish your bank account, but it can also take away from the gorgeous necklace you're trying to show off. 

Instead of going matchy-matchy with the beautiful and summer-worthy piece, try to tone down the rest of your look instead to help it stand out.

For example, a necklace like this might look best with deep v-neck white, black or coral dress or blouse. The v-neckline will help the necklace garner plenty of attention, while the solid colors will keep distractions at bay. On the same note, keeping the rest of your accessories minimal - a fun summer ring or a simple gold bracelet - will help enhance the necklace without drawing gazes away from it. 

Have fun with color
Summer is the perfect time to explore your creative and fun fashion side, so instead of looking at all silver, gold or pearl accessories, opt to try a few larger, more bold styles instead. An easy way to transform your nautical or beachy look in a flash is to pick up a bright beaded necklace that you can wrap around multiple times. 

Picking up the stunning Nugget-Cut Genuine Rose Quartz Endless Necklace 54" might be the perfect piece to start with. Not only is the light pink hue a great option for enhancing your bronzed skin during the warmer months, but the long strand and textured quartz helps give you an instant boost of style.

A light color like this allows you to wear it with many different outfits, ranging from a T-shirt and jeans to a more formal dress in a flash. Plus, the natural wrapping capabilities means you are able to wear it long as one strand, as two fashionable loops, or even as a bracelet by wrapping it around your wrist multiple times. The versatility of the piece also makes it a great item to pack for vacation, since you are able to dress it up and down in so many ways.

Stacking rules
While in most cases with clunky, oversized bling, less is more, when it comes to summertime bracelets, you're able to have a bit more fun. According to Lena Penteado?'s blog, there are plenty of ways to accessorize your wrist with a mix of trends and metals during the warmer months. The biggest trick is to know when enough is enough.

A great rule of thumb to live by when stacking bracelets is to ensure all the pieces you want to wear share a common feature, such as having the same color in them or a similar style. For example, if you're looking to rock a popular wrap bracelet like the Round Clear And Champagne-Color Crystal Tan Leather Wrap Bracelet 20," adding multiple gold or rose gold bangles, cuffs and more to your arm is much more appropriate that stacking silver or colored bracelets.

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