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April 17, 2013 in Bracelets

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley steps out wearing an upper arm bangle

The verdict's out: If Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can hit the streets looking cool with an upper arm bangle, then it's got to be the latest hot trend. These Cleopatra-inspired accessories have been seen on a number of celebrities, especially when the weather is warmer and tank tops and strapless ensembles emerge, and we've been wondering just how the look translates on the streets. Although Huntington-Whiteley is far from your average fashionista, she did step out in a more casual ensemble donning a slim gold cuff above her elbow, proving that the style can look effortless when paired with a tank top and mid-length, flowy skirt. 

Other stars, such as Rihanna, have sported similar arm jewelry in a bolder way. On the Grammys red carpet or on the beach, Rihanna often wears a snake cuff as a chic accessory - in fact, she could be one of the ladies responsible for the trend's rapid growth in popularity. 

Nicole Richie is another daring fashionista who has been spotted frequently with bangles on her arms from here to there. Her bohemian-inspired look is the perfect pairing for this trend, and appears flawless with a flowing maxi dress or a tank top and cutoff shorts in the summer. 

If you happen to be on the West Coast for a certain California music festival, then you'll certainly see plenty of arm cuffs on free-spirited trendsetters attending the shows of their favorite bands. The styles of Coachella often trickle their way into the mainstream, and the arm cuff is definitely one that people will embrace this summer. If you're eager to try the twist on the traditional bracelet, you can wear a bold piece like the Nugget Genuine Turquoise Goldtone Metal Textured Cuff Bracelet with your favorite summer outfit.

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