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September 04, 2012 in Necklaces

Salma Hayek wows in black frock

Salma Hayek looked nothing short of gorgeous when she stepped out for the Gucci Awards for Women in Cinema in Venice this past weekend. According to People Magazine, the stunning starlet donned a black gown that cinched at the waist and had a plunging neckline. Hayek matched the dress with Gucci sparkling earrings, her massive engagement ring and a black clutch.

Even though it is hard to imagine, Hayek recently dished about how her complexion was much less than perfect when she was in her mid-20s. According to The Huffington Post, the actress dealt with such severe acne that it caused depression.

"You want to talk about bad skin? I had acne. And this acne was so bad it sent me into severe, severe depression. Like I couldn't leave the house," Hayek told Lucky magazine in May. "The next stage with that sort of depression is food - too little or too much. Guess what I did?... I was fat and broken out. I couldn't leave the house and I couldn't pay the rent!"

However, this is certainly a thing of the past.

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