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August 02, 2013 in Bracelets

Silver and gold: A perfect pairing

What was once a major fashion faux pas - mixing silver and gold - is now a staple in many fashionistas' wardrobes. If you're a woman who loves donning silver and gold bangles, necklaces and more you're not alone - but it's important to have a focus when doing so. Sure, you could decide to just throw on a bunch of bangles for a mix-and-match look, but there is a far more elegant way to incorporate different metals. 

Don a piece that boasts both metals
Perhaps the easiest way to seamlessly rock silver and gold pieces, is to pick up one item that features both. For example, donning a Round Grey And Amber-Color Crystal Black Leather Wrap Bracelet 20" and then adding other silver and gold bracelets on the same wrist will help keep the look more uniform. 

One thing to avoid is wearing all silver pieces on one wrist and all gold items on the other, as this will create a separate style with less definition. 

Timepiece perfection
While mixed metal bracelets are certainly on trend, you could also explore this style in a simpler way. Looking for a watch that boasts both metals is a great idea, since it's likely the mixing will be subtle, perfect if you're just starting to get comfortable with the trend. A modern timepiece like the August Steiner Round Crystal Bezel Chronograph Watch In Tutone is a suitable option.

This watch not only boasts gold and silver, but it also features white crystals surrounding the face for an elegant and classic addition. Wearing a watch like this allows you to don a silver bracelet with a gold ring like the Cabochon-Shaped Genuine Black Onyx 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Pillow Ring without ever skipping a beat. 

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