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March 24, 2020 in Women's

Silver Jewelry | How To Take Care of Silver Jewelry

How to Care for Silver Jewelry

As we reflect on the past year regarding fashion and trends, it seemed that all the rage was in gold jewelry. However, our trend researchers are noticing a surge spike back up in the silver jewelry category lately. Silver jewelry comes in the form of rings, necklaces and bracelets and so many more options. Explore all the sterling silver and silver jewelry options that PalmBeach has to offer and learn how to care for and clean your silver pieces.

Sterling silver jewelry is over 90% pure silver, mixed with alloys to add strength and durability. Silver does tend to tarnish quicker than gold jewelry, but with the proper care you can make your silver jewelry look good as new.

In order to minimize tarnishing and scratching, we recommend storing your silver jewelry in a cloth pouch or in a separate compartment of your jewelry box. Sterling silver jewelry should avoid light & humid air exposure and be stored in a dark, dry place. You should avoid water when wearing silver jewelry, especially in pools with chlorine. Avoid exposing your silver to household chemicals when cleaning with bleach or ammonia as well as body fragrances, hair products, etc.

It is also important to prevent tarnish build up on your silver jewelry - when silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the ambient air this tends to happen. In order to clean this build up use polishes formulated specifically to remove tarnish.

We have thousands of sterling silver jewelry available at Palmbeach Jewelry – anywhere from rings to necklaces, to bracelets and sets! Find your perfect piece and you’ll be able to preserve it for a very long time with our care instructions. 

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