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December 02, 2011 in Necklaces

Sparkling jewels lit up the CMA Christmas Special

When people think about Christmas parties and gatherings, many will think the colors of gold, silver, red and green - and this is exactly what this year's CMA Christmas Country event was all about. This event brought all of country's biggest artists together to celebrate the holiday and Christmas season.

When it came to the fashion jewelry that performers donned during the event, the theme appeared to be no necklaces and show-stopping earrings.

The host of this year's event was Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles, who has been having quite the week. She got hitched this past Saturday to entrepreneur Justin Miller, performed at the Grammy Announcements Concert and then hosted this event. She left her engagement ring and wedding band out of her ensembles last night.

Her fashion jewelry changed as much as her outfits did, which was seven times throughout the night. Nettles' first look was a red sequined bustier with long sparkling coattails, leggings and a silver hat on top. She matched the sparkling hat with dangling star earrings, which consisted of three large stars that rested as far down as her shoulder.

Nettles' second look was a shimmering gold dress that was simply paired with studded gold earrings, a thick gold bracelet and one standout ring. The next three were all pantsuits, ranging from those with sparkling jackets to those with plunging necklines. No matter what the exact combination was, each was paired with the one ring and massive, sparkling earrings - almost all of which reached her shoulders.

One of Nettles' last looks was a long gown with a plunging neckline. This dress was silver and black with reflective fish-like scales covering it entirely. Interestly enough, Nettles opted out of jewelry with this gown, as a simple ring was all the stand-out and impressive dress needed.

All of the outfit changes also varied in designers, including such names as A.L.C. and Yves Saint Laurent. However, they all had the same sparkly and fun theme.

According to People Magazine, it was a surprise that the singer chose so many pantsuits instead of all gowns. However, stylist Gillian Steinhardt explained that all of the outfits were something they thought would bring out the holiday spirit.

"We just thought it would be fun," Steinhardt told the publication. "When she does performances we are limited to a specific silhouette. She's more comfortable performing in pants, so we wanted an opportunity to dress up in ways she's not normally seen."

She added that at all of the glitz and glitter was no accident, either.

"It's the holidays, we had to have sparkle, sparkle, sparkle - as much as possible," she added. "She wanted an element of kitsch and glamour and whimsy - and also a sort of sophistication - but a little fun. She's a showgirl at heart, and she loves the holidays."

It wasn't just Nettles that participated in the "no necklace but big earrings" trend. Kellie Pickler, Faith Hill and the women from Little Big Town also sported the same look as they performed throughout the night. Even some of the gentlemen had jewelry to show off as Scotty McGreery wore a brown necklace with a cross hanging from it during the event. Another country star who sparkled into the night was last season "American Idol" runner-up Lauren Aliana, who wore a black dress with a plunging neckline and sparkling black earrings to bring the whole outfit together.  

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