Sporting style with a tennis bracelet

Nov 26, 2013

Have you ever wondered where tennis bracelets got their name? Although the style of wrist wear has been around for years, it officially earned its name due to a fiasco that occurred during the 1987 U.S. Open tennis match. When champion Chris Evert followed through on a swing during one of her matches, her bracelet - which featured a single strand of individually set diamonds - flew off her wrist, prompting the tennis star to call for a pause in play so she could look for it. Thankfully, Evert quickly recovered her sparkling accessory, and word of the event spread quickly, prompting jewelers to dub pieces of a similar style as the "tennis bracelet."

The legendary item has only been gaining in popularity since then, and designs have expanded to include a number of stunning variations. A classic tennis bracelet is a thin band that incorporates gems or stone over a metal base to create a sleek, sophisticated effect. If you're looking to sport one yourself, here are a few options for tennis bracelets to match your style:

Picking a metal
Tennis bracelets come in a variety of metals or combinations, so figure out what fits your preference. For warmer skin tones and outfits in rich shades like burgundy and brown, you may want to opt for gold jewelry. Luckily for you, there are tons of options for gold-toned wrist wear, like the 6 TCW Princess-Cut Cubic Zirconia Silvertone Double-Row Tennis Bracelet 7 1/4". Don't worry about getting active your bracelet, as manufacturers began creating a stronger clasp after Evert's signature piece flew off her wrist.

Selecting gems
Classic tennis bracelets feature clear stones such as 27.50 TCW Oval Cut Genuine Garnet 14k Yellow Gold-Plated Triple-Row Tennis Bracelet 8 1/2" or channel a royal hue with the Black And White Diamond Bow-Link Pave Bracelet In Black Ruthenium Finish And Silvertone Metal

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