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March 18, 2013 in Bracelets

Stacking bracelets is still trendy among the stars

Stacking bracelets is a funky, fun and stylish way to jazz up any ensemble. The trend first cropped up in 2011 and ever since, has shown no signs of slowing down. Celebrities gliding down the red carpet or walking the streets of New York and Los Angeles have flaunted their bracelets piled up on their wrists, mixing metal bangles with sparkly stones beside leather wraps and cuffs.

Coined a "party on your arm," the style evokes images of ancient Egypt and the elaborate cuff bracelets, bangles and other gold-plated jewelry these historic individuals would wear. Today, a slew of celebrities have embraced the trend, from the daring "Gossip Girl" actress, Jessica Szhor, to the classic first lady, Michelle Obama.

It doesn't take much to pull off this look, so if you already have a pretty serious bracelet collection going, you're in luck. While some style experts argue you can achieve the perfect style for any event by sticking with similar textures and a unified color palette, others insist that mixing it up altogether is how to make it appear effortless. 

InStyle recommends a handful of ways to pull off a look for a wild night out, a black-tie event or an everyday bohemian style. The bohemian might be the best way to ease into the trend, as many of the pieces can be affordable and won't feel heavy on your arm. Combining leather cords, skinny bangles, a tight cuff and small crystal bracelets for an eclectic combination that will surely catch others' attention. Your arm party would look great with a maxi skirt and tank or just a T-shirt and jeans - essentially, whatever you feel most comfortable wearing.

If you're ready to take on the piled-up bracelet trend head-on, try starting your collection with the Round Black Crystal Black Leather Wrap Bracelet, and keep your eyes peeled for pieces to add to your bejeweled arm.

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