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February 14, 2012 in Bracelets

Stars glisten on the rep carpet, thanks to insurance policies

Tons of Americans tune into the various awards show just to take a peek at the stars and their gorgeous gowns and lavish fashion jewelry. Even though the everyday person does not walk the red carpet flanked by security, they are still able to insure their jewelry so they can wear it whenever they want.

"Many people don't wear their jewelry because they are afraid they might lose it," said Keith Rutman, Vice President Consumer Household at Allstate Insurance Company. "Some pieces hold sentimental value that can never be replaced, but when our customers choose proper insurance coverage on jewels it gives them confidence and peace of mind that they are financially protected when the unexpected happens."

Allstate advises individuals to have a detailed appraisal and keep the bill where the person bought the jewelry. Also, keep the information current, possibly every five years. Maintaining an inventory is important to ensure that the person knows exactly what they have at all times. Those who are interested may want to talk to their insurance provider to see what kind of protection they have. 

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