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March 06, 2012 in Necklaces

Stars look stunning at DVF and Gap Kids launch

Designer Diane Von Furstenberg has seen her clothes on so many stars including Kate Middleton and Jessica Biel, and now the A-list designer has collaborated with Gap Kids to make more affordable clothing for children, according to People Magazine.

Molly Sims and Milla Jovovich both looked fantastic at the Los Angeles launch of the line. Sims opted for a Gap maxi skirt with a Von Furstenberg cardigan with dangling earrings, while Jovovich wore a spring-inspired print dress with layered necklaces.

According to Us Weekly, Von Furstenberg is excited about this new venture.

"Normally I always say no to these kind of things, because I tend to think that I want little ones to grow up and wear my clothes, but this time I said yes," the 65-year-old German designer told publication at the event. "It's a collaboration in and out and it's fun. It's very cute! I like the spirit of it. I like the optimism and the color."

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